Shenandoah Stitchery Designs
By Michael Boren

The 9-11 Remembrance Pin

A Counted Canvas Design

Stitched with Hand Dyed Fibers Regular Silk Floss**
and Kreinik #8 Braid

The 9-11 Remembrance Pin -- finishing #1

Design size: 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"
on 18-mono French Blue canvas

This design is a tessellation:
a shape (cell) that repeats to fill
a surface without any gaps or
overlaps. In this design the cell
is a triangle.

The design uses two values
-- light and dark --
of a common colorway.

**All of the silk threads for this
project are included with the chart.

Use beads and findings of
your choice for finishing -- three
different methods are shown.

The events of 9-11-01 changed
forever our lives and the way we
look at ourselves as Americans.
This design is dedicated to the
memory of the victims of 9-11.
Stitch it and wear it with pride!

The 9-11 Remembrance Pin -- finishing #2 The 9-11 Remembrance Pin -- finishing #3
The 9-11 Remembrance Pin

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