Finger Step Designs
by Susan Jones

Bargello Samplers
Fun with Upright Stitches

These are 3 more of the 12 color photographs of Bargello patterns
that are included in this publication


Sampler D
Bargello Samplers - Sampler D
Stitched using
Soy Silk thread.

The canvas was
painted a lime green
with show-thru being
a color element in
the design.
Sampler E
Bargello Samplers - Sampler E
Stitched using only
black and white
threads with accents
of gold and silver.
Sampler H
Bargello Samplers - Sampler H
Stitched using 3 laid
strands of hand-dyed

The sampler on the front cover was stitched using Gumnut Yarns Blossoms.
These Blossoms are all new June 2011 color additions to existing color families,
each used at least once.

© 2012 Finger Step Designs by Susan Jones
Custom House of Needle Arts - Glastonbury, CT 06033